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What makes us different

When we sit down with a prospective client and ask them about their current investment advisor, we invariably hear three things that tell us they’re not getting the guidance they need or deserve.

Eye on the future

First, is their advisor more concerned about their own retirement, or their client’s. The average age of a financial advisor is 62 years old. You’re going to be around for a while, and you need someone whose vision of the future looks out at least that far.

Advanced Planning

Second, their advisor hasn’t performed advanced planning.Most advisors concentrate on selling you a product today, and follow up in a year to sell you something else. A successful retirement plan must include social security planning, tax mitigation, estate planning, etc.

Disaster Protection

Third, their advisor has no plan of action if the stock market has a major correction. We invest for the long term, but also understand that in some years, such as 2008, it is necessary to protect accounts from disaster. All of our clients, although individually different, have one common goal: Make money when there’s money to be made, but never lose half of it.

Playing the long game

By contrast, we’re here to serve you long after you’ve retired. That’s why we believe that advance planning is more important individual investment decisions. After all, you won’t reach your goals if you don’t plan for them. And our decisions are based on math and risk management. We don’t try to outguess the market. Instead, we analyze what’s happening and act accordingly. That’s how our professionals have successfully protected clients during two of history’s worst market corrections.

Perfect matches only

We approach every client’s needs through a highly structured process and timeline. Before we manage a single dollar for you, we spend time getting to know you and allowing you to get to know us. We’ll only work with you if we’re a good match.

No hidden fees

Finally, we’re a fee-only firm. We’re compensated based upon a percentage of your assets, so the only way we make money is if you make more. We receive zero commissions, loads, sales fees, or finder’s fees. We prosper only when you do.