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The Monon Wealth Management formula

Everything we do on your behalf is built upon the Monon Wealth Management Formula. At first glance, it seems simple, but it becomes remarkably powerful when applied consistently.

If you ask most wealth managers to describe their work, you’ll hear a variety of vague explanations. We believe your portfolio deserves a comprehensive approach with clear definition and real substance. That’s why we developed this formula:





Investment Consulting

A critical element of wealth management is helping you make good decisions with your investments. We consider all of your investment elements to ensure that they are aligned with your objectives and risk tolerance, and develop an investment policy statement to inform decision-making.

We analyze the performance of your portfolio and adjust your asset allocations as your circumstances change. In addition, we consider the impacts both investment costs and tax liability have upon your returns.

Advance Planning

Most investment advisors focus on your portfolio’s current performance, but that’s not why you invest. That’s why we devote a substantial amount of time to the elements of advance planning. For example, we identify long-term strategies to enhance wealth and cash flow while mitigating the impact of income taxes.

We create plans to transfer your hard-earned assets to other family members and generations when the time comes. We protect what you’ve earned by applying risk mitigation and prudent legal structures such as trusts. Finally, we help you make a long-lasting impact by maximizing the value of giving to the organizations and causes that matter most to you.

Relationship Management

Successfully implementing the strategies described here often requires the assistance of other professionals such as attorneys, accountants, and insurance agents. We don’t expect you to coordinate all those efforts. We bring highly credentialed experts to our office to serve you, and we work with closely with them to ensure that your needs are being met.