Modern Wealth Management - Episode 2 (Preparing Heirs For Their Inheritance)
In the second installment of Modern Wealth Management, Darrick and Ray explore the complex nature surrounding inheritances. The big question surrounding this topic is: Are your heirs ready to deal...
Modern Wealth Management - Episode 1 (Stress Testing)
In the inaugural episode, we introduce you to our show host, Ryan Ruff, as well as Managing Partners of Monon Wealth, Darrick Hutchens and Ray Kramer. With one of the...
Modern Wealth Management - Episode 3 (Why Life Insurance Should Be Part of Your Wealth Plan)
Life insurance isn't the most exciting financial topic, when compared to investment planning overall. However, it's actually one of the most flexible and versatile tools that you have within your...


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What is Wealth Planning, Really?
It can be all too easy to focus on just one aspect of your financial life—and in doing so, miss opportunities as well as take on unnecessary risk. That’s where wealth planning comes in. This...
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Working with the Right Advisor
Finding the right financial advisor to work with can be a challenging task. We’ve certainly had clients tell us that their previous advisors weren’t able to deliver the value they want and need. I’m proud...
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